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Micro Macro International
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Telephone: 706-548-4557
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Customer Service:
Dr. Harry A. Mills
Dr. Gretchen Bryson
Josh Bryson
Accounting: Gretchen Bryson
Office Manager: Shawanna Walton
Laboratory Manager: Josh Bryson
Laboratory Technician: Jennifer Queen
Laboratory Technician: Zana Somda, PhD
Analysis Interpretation: Harry Mills, PhD
Chemistry & Methodology: Gretchen Bryson, PhD
QA/QC: Josh Bryson
Sample Processing: Mark Couvillion
Research & Development: Gretchen Bryson, PhD
Pathology & Organics: Dr. Richard Woodward
Pesticides: Dr. Bush
Publications & Journals: Gretchen Bryson, PhD
Communications in Soil Science and Journal of Plant Nutrition Contact Editor
Book Publications Contact Editor

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